IT ALL STARDED WHEN I WOCK-UP. surffin day oh what a lovly day BUT ENOTH OF THAT!!!

theaer are waves to ride and so on I shall go riding BIG waves.

Andy turned up with some surf bouds. He rubed the boud with wax to stop you from sliding off. I woer a surf top because it would hurt your chest on the wax.

We went out surfing and Daddy kept falling off!!

I standed up on the boud and as I said Daddy fell off!

It felt ausome when I standed up!!


Pizza Party

One kichin two chefs and LOADS of hunry custermers

We were lucky to have a wood burning fire in the back of are garden


  1. mack a bass
  2. mack some sours
  3. leave to setel 1 hour
  4. put sours on bass
  5. put some topings on
  6. cook pizza

dont feget to put fire wood in!!!

Collecting Driftwood

Collecting Driftwood

Collecting Driftwood

Collecting Driftwood

making pizza dough

making pizza dough

Lighting the oven

Lighting the oven

putting pizza into the oven

putting pizza into the oven

pizza ready

pizza ready



Animals in Costa Rica


A small reptile dino like crecher that can be seen on the land and climbing in the trees and eats leaves.



Variegated squirrel

A small red squirrel with a black stripe on it’s back. It can be seen in the trees eating cocunuts.




A big brown bird with a masive beak and wing span. It swoops down and plux fish out of the sea.




The Food in Costa Rica

My favorit snack in Costa Rica is Cecaddiya (quesadilla).
This is what the Tico’s like to eat! It is a cooked cheese rap.
This is how to make it.

You will need:


Put the cheese in the rap.
Don’t forget that you only put it on one side!
Fold in half and put it in a frying pan.
Leav it on for 2 minets and carefully turn it over. It’s ready when the cheese is melted.


Quad Trip

Today was a very exiting day because we were going on a quad trip.
The place where the quad’s were was could Villa’s Hermosa.
When we got there we had to wait for the owner called Brad to arrive to tell
witch one was owers.
Mabel went with daddy and I went with mummy. Me and mummy had a bright wight one and Mabel and daddy had a dark green one.
The road was really dusty so I wore my gogels!
We just got to the beach when we stoped for a rest.  Me and Mabel swaped so I was with daddy and Mabel was with mummy.
Mabel called her quad Lally the super quad! And THAT’S TRUE!!
And are’s is a APC Speed Ranger!
On the beach are APC could go raly fast! Are top speed was 49MPH. The beach was so long

Me and daddy on a quad bike

and empty you can’t actcherly see the end. I felt mighty big and strong!
We had to cross a river in the jungle. We had to be in gear 2 to cross it.  The water could have crockidiles in it!
We had lunch on a beach cafe and then we too the quads up to the vue piont on the cliff.
Just as we were about to climb the hill, my friend Tabatha was trying to hold on but axitdently grabbed the axelerater and it made the quad run strait into the fence post and tabatha’s mummy flew off the quad but she had her helmit on so she was ok.
At the top of the cliff, we could see for miles around. It was amazeing!

Our jungle house

We moved in to a lovely jungle house.  It’s big. It is really high up on a hill in the jungle and we can see the sea and see lots of animals from are baolcinys.

Our jungle house in Costa Rica

Best of all there is a piza oven in the back garden!!!!! And outside also we have a little perch with a shower and a toilet so you can look at the jungle and the river when you are sitting on the toilet!!!
There is a great big treehouse in are garden with some windows a table two chairs and a bed. We took our toys in there to play…

But the most thing I like of all is that there is a lovely Tico restaurant with fish and burgers and are favourite drinks just down a dirt track.

On the bowcany of our house looking at the vue

Mabel in the tree house

In Costa Rica

The taxi was a bit small and I was wondering if avrywone could fit in. Lukelly we all fitted In fine.
Ok I could admitt that I was a bit tired butin the inside I was exited!
At the hotel it was very butifull and I’m just sayinthat for the girls!
In the morning are driver named Danny arrivd to take us to the playce where we were staying.
There was bad nuse and good nuse. The bad nuse was That we missed are ferry which I vegot to tell you about.
The good nuse was that we got a bounus ferry insded! It took 2-3 hours to sale across the sea! On the ferry there was loud music playing from BIG speaks!

on the ferry going to the beach

On The Plane

Today I got on Amricon Airlines. Once we were on the plane we started to play Batel ships. Unfortunateley I droped a peas of it. Luckliy I found it again. Unfortunately are plane was delayed and we had to wait 25 minutes. And when we were waiting I had a BIG coclat croissant. After take – of I had three jelly babies. After those I played on the IPad. Theese are the games that I played : Tiny wings (Daddy won) Angry birds A monster ate my home work and Dune rider. Next time I Blog you I will be in Costa Rica cheerio!

Feel free to E-male me at any time. EXSEPED IN THE MORNIG!!!

a planes wing in the sky

Up in the air ther is so much to see… Like filds and horses to. But Thers more… Trees and birds and more more more!!!… Hmmm what is up ther in the BIG wide blue… I KNOW… or do I… OH YES now I remember… if you are lucky… You mite see a balloon… As you know they are hard to spot… But if your name is lucky Luik you mite of seen one 9000 times… Not that you will because sometimes you won’t. But don’t let a balloon waste your time… I no you feel board… But this is troo. Do not turn the TV on don’t put a game on keep on reading NOW. Ok this is boring but think just think. You know how long it took to read all this righting amagon how long it took to right all of it. And I am so sorry but we have came to the end of this poawem.

PS don’t get exited I WILL BE BACK!!!!